The Centrec team is comprised of experienced professionals with a wide range of backgrounds including: finance and accounting, business administration, systems design, agricultural production, marketing, education, economic research and analysis, market research, and computer programming. While a solid expertise base is essential, that is only one element of success in a rapidly changing world. Centrec has adopted a dynamic approach to meeting the needs of their clients. Their strategy encompasses several activities. First, they continually grow their human capital through ongoing professional development and expansion of our network of associates with particular backgrounds. Building upon a current and relevant knowledge base, Centrec's staff collaborates by bringing their respective strengths and insight to each project to create the greatest value for their clients. Given the amount of information in today's world, Centrec's team approach to creating the most client value is first to turn data into knowledge. Their strength is to work closely with their clients through active engagement to generate wisdom from the knowledge and to encourage and facilitate strategic thinking. This is possible due to the distinctive skill set and background of the Centrec staff.