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Centrec is often called upon to present the results of their research and analyses at meetings and conferences.



AgriGold Specialty Products Conference Presentations






AAPEX Boehlje/Hofing Presentation

Part 1 (2 per page)

Part 1 (6 per page)

Part 2 (2 per page)

Part 2 (6 per page)


Canadian Consulting Agrologists Association Presentation – February 15, 2006

Chris Schroeder’s Presentation Slides (PDF)


The Dudley Smith Initiative


Project Reports

U.S. Grains Council Reports


This should be updated to reflect reports to the current year


Corn Export Cargo Quality Report 2012/13


Corn Harvest Quality Report 2012/13


Corn Export Cargo Quality Report 2011/12


Corn Harvest Quality Report 2011/12


Midwest Impacts of the 2000 Drought Forecasts


Investigating the Economic Value of Selected NESDIS Products


Economic Value of Selected NOAA Products within the Railroad Sector


GOES Economic Value Report


GOES Economic Value Report Extended Abstract


GOES Economic Value Presentation

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