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A signature component of Centrec's services has been in designing, developing, and delivering training programs for the ag credit industry. Thousands of ag credit professionals have attended training programs designed and delivered by Centrec since 1982. Centrec's success in the credit training field can be attributed to the underlying philosophy inherent in all of its programs. They are intensively paced to continually challenge attendees on both conceptual and practical grounds.

Our instructors and presenters have an extensive background in the agricultural industry and the specific functional areas taught. This allows a strong appreciation for the practical application of the subject matter. Finally, all training programs heavily utilize actual case study situations to reinforce the learning process.

We provide solutions in several types of Classroom Workshops

To schedule a custom workshop or learn when one is available near you, contact us.

Agricultural Credit Analysis

This three-day workshop is designed specifically to meet the needs of today’s agricultural lender. Thousands of ag lenders have attended this workshop from all segments of the ag finance industry.


Twice a year, RMA and Centrec join together to deliver this program designed to meet today's agricultural lender's needs. It focuses on the analysis and interpretation of historical and projected farm and ranch financial statements.


Key workshop topics

  • Measuring Profit

  • Cash Flow and Repayment Capacity

  • The Financial Analysis Process

  • Working With Incomplete Information

  • World Agriculture in the 21st Century

  • The Emerging Ag Lending Environment

Who will benefit from this workshop?

Experienced ag lenders, loan reviewers, auditors, and examiners who want to enhance their ability to assess agricultural borrowers' creditworthiness accurately will benefit from this workshop. This program works well as either a core component of a curriculum for lenders with two to five years of experience or a refresher of ag credit concepts for experienced lenders.

How will you benefit from this workshop?

You will get hands-on experience working with the instructors and other experienced lenders in applying credit analysis techniques to real-life credit requests. By gaining an understanding of the mechanics and philosophies of agricultural credit analysis, you will be able to:

  • Ask the right questions to get an accurate picture of the borrower’s financial condition

  • Make sound credit decisions with confidence based on commonly available information

  • Identify and articulate the key strengths and weaknesses of a credit request

  • Establish the structure of the relationship accordingly

  • Build a stronger ag loan portfolio


Agricultural Loan Structuring

This two-day workshop is designed specifically to illustrate how credit risk can be optimized by using effective loan structuring and focusing on working capital and repayment capacity.


Financial Statements Analysis in Agriculture

A two-day course that focuses on the basic financial statements in agriculture: balance sheets, income statements, owner equity, cash flows, and repayment capacity. It includes the compilation, reconciliation, and interrelationships of these financial statements, as well as the data requirements for sound credit analysis.


Advanced Credit Training Series

These two-day workshops are targeted at experienced lending staff. Topics are developed based on the current market and lending conditions and will typically contain credit, risk, and industry-specific issues.


Custom Designed Training

Centrec has provided customized training for hundreds of organizations, including design, development, and delivery. Please contact us to see how we can assist with your organization's training needs.

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