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Education and training services have been a fundamental component of our practice since the beginning. Thousands of professionals have participated in our highly-rated training programs, conducted on a variety of management, finance, accounting, and systems topics. Our extensive background in the delivery of educational training programs combined with our in-depth understanding of the hardware and software technologies allows us to effectively develop distributed and large volume training applications.

Course Design/Development

Centrec provides assistance in the design of course content, administration, and instruction methods, as well as the actual preparation of course materials. Delivery methods include seminar/workshop format, self-study courses, videotape, and computer-based training.

Curriculum Design and Management

For clients who desire to offer a non‑recurring training course or do not fund an internal training staff, Centrec can design an overall curriculum to meet specific training objectives, identify currently available programs, and administer the curriculum.

Standardized Seminars

Centrec has developed a number of credit-related seminars that are offered on an in-house basis. Our seminars have been delivered for a wide range of clients, including the Farm Credit System, Robert Morris Associates, and commercial banks.


Creating the knowledge needed to meet today’s complex challenges successfully requires input and collaboration of many individuals—sometimes from within the same organization and other times through collaborative efforts across multiple organizations. Centrec’s skilled facilitators can engage groups in productive dialogue that builds knowledge and shared vision.

Online Classes

Centrec offers online courses in its education design and delivery portfolio. Modified from highly-regarded packages offered by Centrec, the online classes offer users the flexibility to complete the coursework at their own pace at convenient times. The classes are structured to deliver a certificate upon completing the final exam.

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