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Business Meeting

The rate of advancement in software, hardware, and related technologies continues to increase at a pace that requires ongoing evaluation and assessment to ensure that opportunities for increased productivity and effectiveness are not overlooked. In our technology practice, we strive to combine our understanding of a client’s business with the technical expertise necessary to develop practical and effective technology solutions.

System Design

Successful design and development of comprehensive business systems require a structured methodology, experienced analysts who can bridge the information gap between functional users and technical programmers, and utilization of prototyping techniques to ensure functionality and minimize overall design and development time. Centrec can provide all three of those components, either working in concert with your internal systems department or directly with the system's ultimate users.

Software Evaluation and Implementation

With the ever-expanding number of software products available, many clients need assistance in evaluating and implementing the appropriate mix of off-the-shelf and custom software packages to meet their specific needs. Centrec can help by matching your needs with applications in the more traditional group of client/server products and office productivity suites, as well as for specialized agribusiness applications such as grain accounting, merchandising, GIS, and agricultural credit analysis.

Industry/Segment/Market Analysis

Application Customization/Development

We can approach the development of custom applications in two ways. First, we can customize existing software such as database management, spreadsheet, or even word processing programs using native programming languages to automate and improve the integrity of recurring functions. The second is to use rapid application development (RAD) tools to develop stand-alone applications efficiently. In either case, our goal is to build enhancements that work seamlessly within your existing software environment.

Data Modeling and Visualization

The world is awash with data – some good, some bad, some useful, some useless. We have the expertise and tools to separate the "wheat from the chaff" and extract the maximum value from your data. Results can be delivered as static visualizations as part of presentations or printed materials or through interactive models that allow datasets to be examined over time.

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