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Centrec provides a broad range of services in the areas of management consulting, research, and education. One of our signature strengths is the ability to apply an appropriate mix of these services to target and effectively address the unique challenges of each engagement. Centrec works along the value chains of food and fiber – from seed to production to banking and finance to marketing to processing to final product. Our client list includes seed technology companies, large farmers and ranchers, agricultural lenders, grain and food processors, commodity groups and research institutions. ​For clarity, we have identified these services under our four core competencies.


Planning and Opportunity Assessment

The agribusiness industry is changing dramatically, driven both by fundamental change at the producer level as well as ongoing structural change in the segments that sell to and buy from farmers and ranchers. Centrec assists clients in assessing the changing markets for their products and services, and in selecting an appropriate competitive posture given their individual strategic characteristics.

Data Analysis Modeling and Visualization

The rate of advancement in software, hardware, and related technologies continues to increase at a pace that requires ongoing evaluation and assessment to ensure that opportunities for increased productivity and effectiveness are not overlooked. In our technology practice, we strive to combine our understanding of a client’s business with the technical expertise necessary to develop practical and effective technology solutions.

Operational Analysis

Profitability improvement, organizational effectiveness, and quality management are three important components of the operational analysis services provided by Centrec. Our effectiveness in these areas is directly tied to our ability to integrate key competitiveness issues with a quick grasp of the internal business processes that create value, cost or both.

Education Design and Delivery

Education and training services have been a fundamental component of our practice since the beginning. Thousands of professionals have participated in our highly-rated training programs, conducted on a variety of management, finance, accounting, and systems topics. Our extensive background in the delivery of educational training programs combined with our in-depth understanding of the hardware and software technologies allows us to effectively develop distributed and large volume training applications.

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