Centrec Consulting Group, LLC began in 1982 as Agricultural Education and Consulting (AEC). A name change in 1989 to Centrec reflected a broader approach to services they were offering – bringing clarity to their own organization.

Centrec has enjoyed a stable, growing history. Many of the same people who were there in 1989 are still with them today. Centrec has grown as their clients have grown and they expect that their team will remain stable in the coming years to continue to be your business management consultant.


Since their beginning, Centrec has helped some of the most respected agricultural companies to grow and achieve success through the development and implementation of innovative and practical solutions. The competitive landscape has evolved dramatically over that time and the Centrec team has been at the leading edge as partners in change. Looking forward, they believe that the future is rich with opportunities for those with a solid vision based on a clear and accurate understanding of the marketplace. Centrec is committed to helping their clients achieve their potential by working with them to develop clear strategies driven by accurate knowledge and insights.


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