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Business Meeting

The agribusiness industry is changing dramatically, driven by both fundamental changes at the producer level as well as ongoing structural change in the segments that sell to and buy from farmers and ranchers. Centrec helps clients assess changing markets for their products and services and select a competitive posture given their individual strategic characteristics.

Strategic Planning

Support of the strategic planning process can take many different forms, depending on the organization's size and the current level of implementation. For smaller and medium-sized organizations, our involvement is often focused on the overall analysis of the firm's competitive position and identifying key strategic alternatives, culminating in developing specific strategies for implementation. For larger organizations, we are often asked to evaluate and develop a particular component of their overall business activity.

Industry/Segment/Market Analysis

Staying abreast of changing industry or segment composition, assessing the impact of new or emerging market characteristics, or evaluating the impact of changing customer preferences are all critical issues for maintaining a competitive edge in today’s environment. Centrec can provide assistance ranging from comprehensive econometric analysis to targeted direct market research, with numerous alternatives in between. We have extensive experience utilizing public and private data sources to develop condensed, targeted analyses of a particular industry, segment, or market.

Acquisition/Alliance Analysis

Maintaining or strengthening a firm’s competitive position in a particular market often involves an ongoing evaluation of potential candidates for acquisition, merger, or alliance. Centrec can assist with a discrete preliminary analysis of potential candidates, feasibility studies, and related services. When a strategic alliance is being considered, especially between firms of substantially different sizes, Centrec can serve as an independent third party hired by both alliance partners to develop and negotiate the operating agreement.

Partnership Assessment and Optimization

Effective partnerships are easy to talk about but difficult to realize in practice. Even successful partnerships must evolve to remain solid and produce optimal results. Centrec works with prospective and existing partnerships to define the expected value and then construct the terms that will yield the greatest mutual benefit.

Business Transition/Advisory Board Development

For our closely-held and family-owned clients, Centrec can help evaluate issues relating to the transition of the firm's business management and ownership. This often coincides with the development and staffing of an advisory board of directors, a process which we can also facilitate.

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