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Quantifying the Value of Soybean Meal in Poultry and Swine Diets

This publication is the result of three years of research evaluating soybean meal (SBM) composition (protein and energy content) in poultry and swine diets. The analysis related incremental changes in SBM nutritional composition (amino acid content and energy level) to an increase in value of SBM ($/MT) for swine and poultry diets and quantified SBM value from the end-user (nutritionist) perspective.

While SBM is traded based on crude protein content, end user nutritionists value amino acids and energy levels. This study analyzed SBM in 1.0% increments of crude protein (CP) concentrations from 44.0% to 48.0%. Importantly, based on SBM samples analyzed, the concentration of amino acids and energy level also increased with each incremental increase in crude protein. For each 1.0% increase in SBM CP concentration from 44.0% to 48.0% (for example, each 0.065% increase in total lysine from 2.75 to 3.01% and associated amino acids and energy) the SBM value increased on average $10.27 for swine and $12.62 for poultry diets per metric ton of feed.

Focusing on minimizing ingredient cost without consideration of nutritional quality can impact the value of the diet. As demonstrated in this study, the value proposition of higher nutritional SBM value can be quantified and communicated between value chain segments and within organizations to better align management, buyers and nutritionists needs.

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